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"My parents have instilled in me the values of integrity, hard work, humility, perserverance and service. I have been blessed with the opportunity of serving on both sidees of the law. I have served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Harris County District Attorney's Office and I am currently a Criminal Defense Attorney. Why is that important? It's important to have a judge on the bench who is not pipelined directly from the District Attorney's Office to the bench. Too many times in our courts as a Criminal Defense Attorney you feel as though you are fighting for your client's rights against the judge who has forgotten that they are no longer a prosecutor and you are fighting against the current prosecutor. We need judges that are going to be fair and impartial to both sides not just the District Attorney's Office. It is time that our courts work for everyone regardless of how much money they have, what they look like or who are representing them"  Judge Ramona Franklin


Judge Ramona Franklin ensures “Blindfold Justice”, for everyone in her courtroom. Judge Franklin is passionate about ensuring that all persons accused of a crime in her courtroom receives fair justice regardless of who is representing them and she ensures that all sentences all equally granted.  Judge Ramona Franklin has followed through on her campaign promises and employs the “Blindfold Justice” approach in her courtroom.


What is the “Blindfold Justice” approach? The “Blindfold Justice” approach is employing the tenets of Lady Justice. Lady Justice’s blindfold represents the concept that justice is or should be determined objectively, without fear or favour, regardless of money, wealth, fame, power, fairness or identity and impartiality. The community has an extreme distrust of the criminal justice system because too many judges fail to use the “Blindfold Justice” approach. Judge Ramona Franklin is committed to instilling confidence back into the community’s perception of the Harris County Criminal Justice System particularly the 338th Judicial District Court. Judge Ramona Franklin administers appropriate and fair sentences with a hand of grace, toughness and compassion.

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